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OUTCAST RADIO w/ Corey Ferren. Recently a Good friend of mine from Honolulu Hawaii, named Corey Ferren launched his Radio Show dubbed OUTCAST RADIO. Located on MY95.9fm Hawaii’s Dance Station. I had heard Corey mention it in the past but 3 years in the making has finally paid off. He brings fresh sets weekly on Saturdays from 4-6pm Hawaii Time. Corey’s aggressive style has always caught my ear. Noticing first during the FIRE & ICE new years celebration back in 07’. He has always had the ability to create amazing sets, and at the same time keeping his Aggro involved. He features guest mixes and rotating residents in the mix. The week of 11.23.13. He will feature a guest mix from yours truly. Which is my first time on radio and i am very proud to have the chance to play for him in my 2nd home Hawaii. I will always be partial too Hawaii’s EDM scene, due to the fact that they took a chance on me. Corey likes to tell people that I am his protégé. Which in a way i am. i have adopted a more aggressive style over the years. We both laugh and snicker at each other with comments like that. So I hope that it is well received and enjoyed by a few. I always try to make an impact on at least one person every-time I play. Now i do not mean grabbing someone’s attention and seeing fist pumps, or the regular crowd reading responses you look for. I mean the ones that wait for you to finish or see you after your set and take the time to say how much they enjoyed it or a particular toon. Making that connection with the audience that creates an emotional response. Because i believe deejays express themselves through their music.. yes, but more specifically about the way we allow our music to act as windows to our inner selves. Deejays are people too and they all deal with emotions differently. Some play on love, others friendship. This year I had to channeled loss while making music and deejaying. I find it very interesting to see what is important deep down inside our deejays hearts and minds. Everything i described Corey displays all of this… Is hard to not like the pure drive and heart that someone possess. I know i poke fun at him and sometimes i forget who actually inspired who…We are all lucky to have him as our friend.. tanks eh..!! N8 Here’s a FUN FACT about Corey Ferren. He is one of the few from Hawaii that can call him self an “International” deejay having gigs in Amsterdam, Seoul, and Berlin. He has also met Ferry Corsten and ultimately received the honor of being in the Tsunami label Record pool under the infamous Purple Eye Ent. ( ( (

Honor of Soundcloud followers and Plays but Soundcloud Flagged it…:(

This is just too funny and dumb… I made this mashup for my soundclouds 1st Milestone of 250 followers and 1000 plays, but it was flagged instantly. I did not even get to listen to it, we’re talking instant.. So anywho here it is..!!
Enjoy and thanks for listening..!!!

Arty vs Angela McCluskey - Open AIR - Dest. N8ture Mashup
soundcloud said no..!! I say yes..!!! So once again THANKS SOUNDCLOUD..!!

Link Below..!!
hint —-RIGHT CLICK and save as..!!! Your welcome..!!!

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